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Our Menu of Services Offered

Puppy on the Beach

Overnight Sitting/In-Home Boarding:


Overnight in-home boarding lets your pets enjoy their normal routine and home environment while you are away.


You can feel relaxed while you travel knowing that your animals are receiving the highest level of care and the reassurance of their normal schedule.


Your sitter arrives at the pet’s evening feeding time and stays through the morning meal, exercising all pets per your schedule of instructions. 


We recommend this option for older pets, or pets of any age who are prone to illness or stress.

Taking the dog for a walk

Walking/Drop-In Visits:

Private Dog Walking: AAA offers private dog walking for owners who need help keeping up with their dog’s daily exercise routine.


Our staff will take your pet or pets for a walk as part of a 30, 45 or 60 minute visit – you set the length (in minutes, distance or specific route) and we take it from there!

All visits include fresh water, food or treats as permitted, and a report card of the day’s activities!


Drop-In Visits:


For less active dogs, cats or small exotic pets, a drop-in visit is just the thing to give your animal some dedicated play time within the home.


Our staff will spend 30, 45 or 60 minutes with your pets, which may include play with interactive toys, brushing, or however you instruct your sitter.

All visits include fresh water, food or treats as permitted, and a report card of the day’s activities!

Organized Kitchen Cabinet
House Sitting

No pets? No problem! AAA is happy to provide customized house and property management solutions for clients without pets, too.


Whether you need mail & package pickup, management of service workers on your property, or grocery delivery prior to your arrival, we would be happy to ensure that your travel schedule does not affect the maintenance of your household.

Dog Spa

Animal Reiki

Reiki Training for Owners

Animal Reiki:


Reiki Master Teacher April Barrett works with animal clients whose owners want to give them the wellness benefits of energy healing work.


Pets can receive reiki for a variety of reasons, including anxiety and stress, pain management or to promote overall health.


Reiki can also aid in easing the changes felt by animal family members when a pet joins the family or departs the household.


Sessions for animal clients typically last 30 to 45 minutes, as the animal permits. 

Sessions can be booked at the pet’s home, or via a distance session. 

Additional travel charges may apply for sessions outside the service area of AAA. 

Reiki Training for Owners:


For pet owners who are interested in learning about reiki, or who want to try reiki before booking a session for their animal.


Reiki Master Teacher April Barrett offers reiki treatments to clients either in the client’s home or via a distance session of 45, 60 or 90 minutes.

For clients who want to learn the technique so that they can practice reiki (on people and on pets!), Reiki Master Teacher April Barrett can provide the teaching and attunement to all levels of Reiki. 

Reiki training is available to private clients, or group rates are available and group classes are encouraged.

Reiki I and Reiki II are each a one day class of approximately 8 hours. 

Dog Portrait

Pet Portraits Photography


AAA Pet Services offers canine, feline and equine portrait photography.


Mackenzie Crandall is an award-winning photographer whose work has been exhibited.


In addition, she is also one of our wonderful staff sitters.


We work with each client to select the best location, setting and theme to capture the spirit of your furry friends.


Humans are encouraged to join in the fun and pose alongside the four-legged models. 

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